The Modular Series (Global Modular Shelter) of shelters offers a range of uses dependant on your needs. Our products are being used as an alternative to current products on the market for sheds and studios that carry significantly more cost.

Coupled with our unique flooring solution we provide a secure solution that is configurable to your needs with a range of additional options that are outlined on our Add Ons page.

The Global Modular Shelter product allows you to select from a range of dimensions to suit the requirements you have. Our standard unit size is 4m wide x 5m long, but we can customise the width into 5m and 6m units and the length can be tailored in 1m intervals.

Our Global Modular Shelter products come flat packed and are easy to handle.

We have a range of installation options if you require our help to have this built for you.Or with our easy to follow instructions you may want to build it yourself.

Offering wall height of up to 2.4m the Global Modular Shelter Shelter provides a spacious and secure solution which can also be fitted out with our ceiling systems, lighting, insulation and other additions

Our Global Modular Shelter shelters can be joined to create additional space in line with your requirements.