Looking for a solution to accommodate peak workforce spikes and still provide comfortable facilities?  Or simply want an economical solution to your accommodation needs at a more economical price point than your standard donga accommodation or other solutions? 

The Modular Series of shelters provide the perfect solution to temporary accommodation needs in a range of circumstances.  We provide a flat packed solution that can be easily constructed and removed to suit your demands and then stored away until the next time they are needed.  We can also alter the dimension of the product to fit in with your requirements.

Coupled with our unique flooring solution we provide a secure solution that is configurable to your needs with a range of additional options that are outlined on our Add Ons page. 

Our Global Modular Shelter products can be configured to be comfortable accommodation solutions for your temporary requirements

Offering a height of up to 2.4m the Global Modular Shelter Shelter provides a spacious and secure solution for your temporary accommodation needs

Our Global Modular Shelter shelters can be modified to create additional space in line with your requirements.  

A range of floorplans can be developed by our design team to suit your preferred layouts.