Don’t want to wait months to provide a much needed changing facility?  The Global Modular Shelter product can be constructed in under a week and provide a temporary solution to your change rooms while work continues on more permanent solution.

Our product is a strong and our quick to construct economical solution that will meet your immediate needs.  Adaptions can include ablution blocks as well as basic change rooms with partitioning and benches.  Set yourself apart from the competition with this addition to your product range?  You can even pack it down to use it again on your next project. 

Coupled with our unique flooring solution we provide a secure solution that is configurable to your needs with a range of additional options that are outlined on our Add Ons page. 

Our basic change room design will meet the needs of almost any group that requires additional space.  This is an adaptable product design so we can manufacture to your needs.

We have ablution blocks that can be added to the change room area if required.

Offering a height of 2.4m the Global Modular Shelter Shelter provides a spacious and secure solution