The Modular Series (M-Series) is a versatile shelter solution that provides a quick and easy to build, low cost solution to any of your shelter needs. The M-Series of building is modular and can be developed for a range of uses. It is based off our 4m wide x 5m long base product. 

This base product can be transformed into a range of configurations ranging from 4m, 5m and 6m widths and 1m interval lengths.  Manufacturing can also be adapted to build to your specific requirements, within our specification restraints to maintain integrity of the product. This could include various window and door options, suspended ceilings and partitions as well as external cladding and internal fit out. 

The M-Series is a fully recyclable building solution which comes flat packed and can be erected rapidly. A highly adaptable flooring solution can also be ordered separately with this solution to speed up the construction process, or you may have existing flooring in which the product can be fastened to.

Our Global Modular Shelter products are currently being used in a range of ways.  From being used as temporary field hospitals by the Indian Government, as site offices and temporary accommodation in Fiji post Cyclone Winston, sold through a retailer in the Philippines and used as sheds for manufacturing as well as office spaces in Kalbar, Queensland.  There are many uses for our Global Modular Shelter product, so talk to us today about your needs. 


Product Modules

Sheds and Studios

Looking for alternative building solutions to the existing sheds or studios on the market.  Our product may complement your current product range.

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Temporary Change Rooms

With unprecedented demand our strong and our quick to construct economical solutions can help to bridge the gap between more permanent constructions. Set yourself apart from the competition with this addition to your product range? You can even pack it down to use it again on your next project. 

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Cabins and Glamping

Quick and economical to construct these buildings can provide comfortable accommodation which allows for increased yields.  Perfect in a range of situations, use our Modular Series or Swift Series shelters to meet your needs.  Pack them away and use them again in your busy periods.  Customise your look and feel or include branding too. 

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Temporary Accommodation

Looking for a solution to accommodate peak workforce spikes and still provide comfortable facilities? Or simply want an economical solution to your accommodation needs?

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Other Uses

The sky is the limit with our modular building solutions.  We can adapt and manufacture to suit your needs.  From emergency field hospitals, to temporary school rooms and halls, we can create a solution that meet your needs.




The Global Modular Shelter is a modular steel framed product that can be adapted to a range of sizes with the following features:

  • Configurable to your needs with additional window or door options
  • Optional suspended ceiling and partition systems available
  • Units can be connected to extend design options
  • Our standard unit size is 4m wide x 5m long, but we can customise the width into 5m and 6m units and the length can be tailored in 1m intervals. 
  • Uses fire retardant and UV protected corflute board
  • Is a fully recyclable building solution

M-Series Specific Questions


What are the details of your base product?

Our standard base product is a 4m wide x 5m long construction that has a single door with a sliding screened window and two hinged screened windows.  However, the benefit of the M-Series range is that it is customisable to fit our design needs. Changes to the standard model will incur an additional fee to accommodate for changes to the manufacturing required.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We can discuss your needs and have in rare circumstances supplied one off products to customers.

What door and window options do you have for these units?

Our standard product comes with a single door with a sliding screened window and two hinged and screened windows that are made from a frosted acrylic. 

Door options include sliding doors, double doors and 950mm wide doors that can be included as part of your design solution. 

Our window options include clear acrylic windows, 950mm wide x 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm long window options. 

We can include clear translucent windows, double doors or other configurations depending on your requirements.

Changes to the standard model will incur an additional fee to accommodate for changes to the manufacturing required.

How do you join the M-Series products together?

Our product can be joined to help with your design requirements.  The joining system is bolted to the base product and links units together through a 2m x 1m link system. 

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