Global Swift Shelter

The Global Swift Shelter Series is a versatile shelter that provides a quick and easy to build, low cost solution for a range of needs.  Construction requires no skilled tradespeople or specialist tools. Two people can take the Global Swift Shelter from a flat pack to a complete rigid construction in under 20 minutes.

The Global Swift Shelter has many different uses and comes in multiple sizes depending on your needs. It is constructed with fire retardant walls, flooring and roofing and is able to withstand wind speeds of at least 100km/hr if anchored correctly.  The Global Swift Shelter is a weather proof solution that will keep you safe from the elements and provides a secure and private setting that has sturdy screen doors and windows.

Whether you are looking for a product to use in an emergency situation or as a weekend camping option, the Global Swift Shelter provides a unique solution.  The Global Swift Shelter can also be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit a range of uses, from playhouses for kids to dog kennels for man’s best friend.  Best of all, these shelters can be branded and customised to suit the look and feel that you want to achieve. 

Our Global Swift Shelters come flat packed and can fold down once you have finished using them for easy storage.

Standard flat packs dimensions are 2.9m x 1.15m x 0.16m with a weight of 85kg.

Global Swift Shelters by name and swift to construct with full construction only taking around 20 minutes. 

Offering a maximum internal height of 2.2 m and with 6.2m of internal floor space, the Global Swift Shelter provides a spacious and secure temporary living solution

Our Global Swift Shelters can be joined to create additional space in line with your requirements.